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Sustainability Impulse
A 2-hour event to shake up, inspire and engage your leadership team on sustainability 

When you feel the urgency to prepare a sustainable future for your company but don´t know how to start.

When you know that sustainability and long-term profitability go hand in hand.

When the operational urgencies are not letting you enough space to shape and prepare your future.

When you feel that your leadership team members are still skeptical about the benefits of a transformation towards sustainability.

When your team is not committed to take action.

When you are looking for pragmatic and quickly visible successes.


This Sustainability Impulse workshop is the ideal tool.

2 - 3 hours


Max 10


On-site or remote

What it brings to you

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Grasp the urgency to transform, the role of companies, as well as their benefits 

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Be inspired on new opportunities and potential through stories from other companies

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Be engaged through a first and high-level assessment

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Take actions to start the journey

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