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Sustainability Scan
2 hours to step back and know what to do

When you feel the urgency to prepare a sustainable future for your company but don´t know how to start.

When you know that sustainability and long-term profitability go hand in hand.

When the operational urgencies are not giving you enough space to shape and prepare this future.

When you are looking for pragmatic answers to questions such as:

- Where do we stand in terms of sustainability?

- Are we making some progress?

- Which benefits have we already reached / could we reach in the future?

- What kind of risks do we face / will face?

- How to accelerate our transformation?

This Sustainability Scan will help you to step back and start to have a clearer view of what to do!

Assess your overall sustainability level

< 20 min 


Online Sustainability Profiler

10 questions on 10 dimensions

+ 5 general one



through a meeting

1,5-2 hours



Example of agenda:

  1. Overall strategy

  2. Your Profiler results

  3. Next steps

Profiler results 6_edited_edited_edited.png


feedback and



Sustainability Scan Document:

   1. Your context and stakes

   2. On each 10 dimension:

  • Situation analysis

  • 12 months objectives and priorities

  • 3-5 years perspectives

   3. Moving forward 

3 steps to get feedback and recommendations 

Sustanability Ref 2.png

What the Sustainability Scan will bring to you

- A more committed team on sustainability issues

- A clear view of where you stand and what to do next

- A tool for further discussions within your company and with your stakeholders

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