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Climate Fresk Facilitation Training

Train your internal sustainability ambassadors to facilitate Climate Fresk workshops in your organization.

} Looking for a scalable tool to spread climate awareness in your company that you can use independently? Train your internal sustainability ambassadors to facilitate Climate Fresk workshops in your organization, with the support of the certified Climate Fresk Trainers from the CHANGESthatMATTER network. 

All who have participated in a Climate Fresk Workshop  

One day.
Accommodate at least 1 hour before the training and about 0,5 day of exercising after the training before facilitating your first Workshop

1 trainer for 5 to 10 participants


Exercises to warm-up and refresh your memory of the Climate Fresk cards (please try to schedule 1 hour before the training)

  • A brief history of the Climate Fresk (its creation and objectives, how and when to use it, how to get started and where to find the right information) Review of the Climate Fresk workshop dramaturgy

  • Deeper analysis of the links between all cards

  • Your role as a facilitator, as well as useful tips & tricks to facilitate

  • How to deploy the Climate Fresk at your workplace

  • Individual call before your first facilitation

  • Monthly Q&A sessions to support you in your facilitator journey

Key Outcomes :

  • Empower Employees to facilitate raise awareness internally and make them ambassadors of your company sustainability’s strategy

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Impact: When asked whether the training gives them everything they need to further prepare and facilitate their first Climate Fresk Workshop, the average rating* is 4,91/5. 

*As of august 2023, based on 10 ansers from 2 different trainings: Do you think this training gives you all you need to further prepare (tips and ressources) and facilitate a Climate Fresk Workshop?


Most of trainees facilitated their first workshop within two months after participated in a training with us.

Workshop Options

Standard Corporate

At a Venue of your choice

€ 5,500

Up to 10 Participants


Help finance a workshop for an NGO!

€ 7000

Up to 10 Participants


Intercompany Training

€ 7000

per Participant

What our clients say about it
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Anonymous - K+N

“Great trainer, good preparation, very active and dynamic training” 
  • What is the Workshop’s NPS Score?
    FAQs are a great way to help site visitors find quick answers to common questions about your business and create a better navigation experience.
  • How do we tailor the workshop to your company?
    FAQs can be added to any page on your site or to your Wix mobile app, giving access to members on the go.
  • Can I get trained as a facilitator?
    Write here
  • What’s best, online or in-person?
    In person provides a more interactive and personal approach.
  • On which data is the workshop based?
    Provide Details here
  • Do the participants need previous knowledge of climate topics?
    No previous knowledge is required.
  • Will expert participants get bored?
    Not at all.
  • Will I get solutions for the mitigation of climate change?
    During sessions participants might come up with possible solutions specific to your industry.
  • Why is there a 10% of the invoiced fees going to the Climate Fresk?
    This is the royalty fees paid to the Climate Fresk for the use of their IP.
  • Can we do the Workshop in 2 hours?
    We can accommodate a more condensed version of the workshop.
  • How do I know you are certified by the Climate Fresk organization?
    We can provide credentials.
  • What is the difference between asking you directly for a workshop or making a request on the Climate Fresk website?
    We are certified trainers.
  • Will I get a roadmap of mitigation actions for my company?
    All feedback during the workshop will be provided.
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