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Climate Fresk Workshop

Looking for an interactive workshop to raise awareness on global warming and Climate crisis and engage your team on their company’s decarbonization journey?

The Climate Fresk is a science-based, interactive workshop harnessing collective intelligence to grasp the urgency of the Climate Crisis and generate ideas to further support your low-carbon strategy. Designed for experts and novices alike at all seniority levels, this workshop has already engaged more than 1 million participants all over the world.

All seniority and expertise levels

In-person: 3 hours

Online: 3,5 hours

In-person: 1 facilitator for 14 participants.

Online: 1 facilitator for 7 participants.*

EN, DE, FR and much more…

Understand the science behind the climate crisis: match 42 cards in a collage thanks to collective intelligence.

Ignite the power of emotions, acknowledging how global warming Climate crisis is affecting our daily lives, but also business activities.

Take actions! Exchanging concrete ideas on what needs to be done: on a private and corporate level.

Outputs :

  • Understand the critical challenges related to global warming

  • Engage your teams in low-carbon strategy

  • Unite and have fun: despite the topic’s seriousness and importance, this remains a great team-building event

Training Icon

Train the trainer! Once they participate in a workshop, participants are entitled to get trained to facilitate the workshop themselves within your company.

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Who's behind the Workshop?

Cédric Ringenbach created the Climate Fresk in 2016 and founded the eponymous organization in 2018. The Climate Fresk (or Fresque du Climat) is now an international organization with 50 permanent employees, and 18,000+ active volunteer facilitators. More than 1,2 million people participated in a workshop to date. The so-called “green belts” and “blue belts” are facilitators and trainers certified through a peer review process.

Workshop Options

Online Climate Fresk

Facilitated via video-call and Mural

$ 1,500

3 Hour Standard Climate Fresk Worshop

Pre-workshop meeting to tailor the Fresk to your industry and needs.

A Copy of your completed Fresk whiteboard to keep.

In-Person Climate Fresk

At a Venue of your choice


A half-day full Climate Fresk workshop

Pre-workshop meeting to tailor the Fresk to your industry and needs.

Additional resources to help cement your team's commitment to positive climate solutions.

Follow-up support to check in with your team's needs and desired outcomes.

a set of Climate Fresk cards for you to keep, all laid out and personalised by you.

Climate Fresk Rollout

Training in-house ambassadors


  • A full program of Climate Fresk workshops and trainings tailored to your organisations needs and ambitions.

  • Training sessions for a team of in-house Climate Ambassadors equipped to deliver the full Climate Fresk workshop.

  • Follow-up support and coaching for the Ambassadors so they feel confident and prepared.

  • Additional Climate Fresk resources to boister your commitments to positive climate solutions in your organisations.

What our clients say about it
Renault Logo

Juliane Stritter, Director Marketing & Sales Support, Renault Trucks

“Extraordinary educational workshop with a lot of inspiration, positive thoughts and commitment of the whole team. Act - Now - Together!”
  • What is the Workshop’s NPS Score?
    FAQs are a great way to help site visitors find quick answers to common questions about your business and create a better navigation experience.
  • How do we tailor the workshop to your company?
    FAQs can be added to any page on your site or to your Wix mobile app, giving access to members on the go.
  • Can I get trained as a facilitator?
    Write here
  • What’s best, online or in-person?
    In person provides a more interactive and personal approach.
  • On which data is the workshop based?
    Provide Details here
  • Do the participants need previous knowledge of climate topics?
    No previous knowledge is required.
  • Will expert participants get bored?
    Not at all.
  • Will I get solutions for the mitigation of climate change?
    During sessions participants might come up with possible solutions specific to your industry.
  • Why is there a 10% of the invoiced fees going to the Climate Fresk?
    This is the royalty fees paid to the Climate Fresk for the use of their IP.
  • Can we do the Workshop in 2 hours?
    We can accommodate a more condensed version of the workshop.
  • How do I know you are certified by the Climate Fresk organization?
    We can provide credentials.
  • What is the difference between asking you directly for a workshop or making a request on the Climate Fresk website?
    We are certified trainers.
  • Will I get a roadmap of mitigation actions for my company?
    All feedback during the workshop will be provided.
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