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Sustainability Events in September 2022

Selected events in German, English, online or in-person in Germany

In the northern hemisphere, the summer break reaches its end!

If you feel the urgency after a couple of months filled with heatwaves, droughts, and extreme storms, why not use this new school year with attending a couple of sustainability events?

We have selected a couple of events for you, in #german, #english #online or #in-person that we think would be worth to attend!

> 07 Sept.: Webinar | Wie erstelle ich den Fortschrittsbericht (CoP)? (neues Format ab 2023), UN Global Compact Netzwerk Deutschland

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> 08 Sept.: Webinarreihe Klimamanagement | Deep Dive: Green Energy Roadmap - Entwicklung einer Strategie zur Nutzung von grüner Energie“, UN Global Compact Netzwerk Deutschland

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> 20-22 Sept.: Expo for decarbonized industries | Düsseldorf 

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> 22 Sept: Neumarkter Lammsbräu vergibt 21. Preis für Nachhaltigkeit |  Neumarkt

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> 29 Sept.: Bayerischer CSR-Tag zum Green Deal | Hybrid

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