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Grüner See,  Steiermark,  Österreich

Be empowered to accelerate
your CSRD journey!

0,5 day Training

to gain a clear roadmap for your CSRD reporting,

along with insights on existing reports, best practices,

essential tools, and software.

Join our training on Wednesday, 17 September 2024,

from 8:30am to 12:00pm!

German or English* , Impact Hub Munich

* depending on the attendees

Faciliated by
- Bénédicte Herbout
- Marie Queneuille


What this workshop will bring you

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  • 15min - Welcome & Introduction 

  • 15min - CSRD Quiz

  • 1h30 - CSRD Roadmap Serious-game:

    • Building a visual representation of the whole CSRD process, using specially crafted game cards. These cards spotlight key phases and success factors, providing a practical, hands-on learning experience.

    • Alongside the game cards, we provide practical tools, workshop formats, and additional resources, equipping participants to successfully navigate through the CSRD journey and implement sustainable practices seamlessly. Our commitment is to simplify the complexities of CSRD, turning them into actionable steps that drive real impact.

  • 15 min - Q&A 

  • 15 min - Conclusion

Why choose this training?

We believe in the power of experiential learning. By actively engaging and tapping into collective intelligence, individuals can grasp concepts faster and more effectively than through traditional methods.

Our training is designed to make learning both fun and impactful.🌐

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