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Climate Fresk Training

Become a Climate Fresk Facilitator
and deploy it in your company

Learn how to run a Climate Fresk Workshop

on Friday, 05 May 2023,

from 9am to 6pm

Language: German 

Location: Munich Impact Hub (Gotzinger Str. 8, München)Google Maps

 ATTENTION: Only for people who have already participated in the Climate Fresk workshop (in any language).

a) Not the case? Join us on 31.03 or visit the Climate Fresk association page 

b) Yes? Please keep on reading :)

Learning how to run a Climate Fresk workshop means becoming part of our movement that aims to raise awareness about climate change around the world – in your workplace as well as in your community.

On the program

Why becoming Climate Fresk Facilitator?


Your experienced trainer: Bénédicte Herbout,
Senior Sustainability Consultant
and local referent for the Climate Fresk in Germany

I want to become a Climate Fresk Facilitator
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